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Press Release - 22/11/1998

East Antrim Hockey Club
22 November 1998

For further information, contact:
Stephen Swann
Press Release Officer - East Antrim Hockey Club
34 Carnmoney Road, Newtownabbey, BT36 6HP
078 0316 7731


East Antrim in danger of folding? Not any more it seems. Struggling to field its teams, and struggling to find form - 46 goals conceded in just 8 games tells the tale. However, the tide seems to have turned.

The 1st XI have only conceded 1 goal in their last 3 games - winning two and drawing one. Admittedly the opposition didn't provide that much of a challenge, but for a team used to being beaten 6 and 7 nil, it was a major confidence boost.

1st XI captain, Stephen Swann, said that he was very proud of the team and the way they were applying themselves. "The spirit is good - they realise their deficiencies and they are working hard at training to resolve any technical problems they might have."

Of course, the team's turnaround has coincided with a forced absence from the team for their captain. Swann continued "My surgeon has told me to catch myself on. I severed the anterior cruciate ligament in my left knee just over a year ago. I'm not supposed to be playing, so I decided to take his advice. The team haven't lost since!"

Other members of the team, however, are quick to rubbish any connection between the two events. The senior member of the team now, Mr. Alan Murphy, believes that the team are trying to prove to themselves that they are not as bad as outsiders tell them.

"Previously we would not expect to lose to Crossgar and Omagh - so we have performed just as well as we did last season with our so-called array of superstars. But we have just beaten Eagles - the first time we have ever beaten them, so we should be very proud of what we have achieved"

The Ulster Branch fixtures have drawn the East Antrim team against Eagles once again for this coming weekend. Asked about the prospects of extending the unbeaten run, Murphy replied "I don't see why we can't continue. We will also be strengthened by the return of Bob Watters to the midfield. We just have to keep our discipline."

Off the field, however, the Treasurer claims that the club can survive, but only just.

Unfortunately, the club has suffered more player losses. The danger now is that the 3rd XI will be unable to survive.