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Although the Club is currently seen as one which has been unsuccessful, it has managed to haul in some Senior honours in its time. Senior honours have been harder to come by in recent years, mind you!

1905-06 - Junior League Champions
1911-12 - Junior League Champions
1911-12 - Braddell Shield Winners
1911-12 - Davidson Cup Winners (2nd XI)
1922-23 - McMeekin Cup Winners
1923-24 - Senior League Champions
1932-33 - Kirk Cup Winners
1965-66 - Intermediate League Champions
1966-67 - Qualifying League 'B' Champions
1973-74 - Intermediate League Champions
1979-80 - Junior League 3 Champions
1979-80 - Ulster Junior Shield Winners
1982-83 - Intermediate League Champions
1996-97 - Junior League 5 Champions
2003-04 - EAHC Invitational Tournament Winners
2005-06 - Antrim Sixes Winners

Irish Internationals

Hugh Leeburn
WP MacDonagh
Dr J Smyth

Ulster Senior Interprovincials

E Browne
S Christie
SJ Courtney
W Courtney
Dr T Ellison
G Gailey
Mark Hunter
WP MacDonagh
RE Semmence
Dr J Smyth
R Williamson

Ulster Junior Interprovincials

R Alexander
CA Black
G Black
T Hughes
A Elder
J Withers
K Skelton
W Gowdy
Ivan McStea
Stephen Duffin
Alan Murphy
David Caldwell
Johnny Hamill
Alan Burgess
Neal Hermon (Ulster Captain, 2006)
Jonathan Porter
Leon Currie
Paul Fraser

Ulster Schoolboy Interprovincials

M Adams