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Press Release - 19/10/1998

East Antrim Hockey Club
19 October 1998

For further information, contact:
Stephen Swann
Press Release Officer - East Antrim Hockey Club
34 Carnmoney Road, Newtownabbey, BT36 6HP
078 0316 7731


East Antrim Hockey Club has only 4 years to wait before it can celebrate its centenary. However, it may consider itself lucky if it survives the next 4 weeks.

The club lost a massive 26 players in the weeks preceding the start of the new season. The loss in revenue through subscriptions has burt the bank balance harder than most would have dared to suggest. The club has already withdrawn its 4th XI from competition and will take a decision on the 3rd XI this week. But the lack of players to fill the teams is the least of the club's problems at present.

Honorary Treasurer, Michael Jackson, has been angered to such an extent that he will call an Extraordinary General Meeting at the end of October to decide whether to withdraw all but one team from competition. The reason he gives is the apathy from the current crop of club members towards subscriptions. He claims that finances are so low that the club can only afford to continue for one more month - unless the members actually pay their subscriptions.

"At present we only have 12 fully paid up members of the club", Michael said.

The loss in players has already meant the three teams playing at present are struggling in their respective leagues. The club has played 12 matches so far, losing all 12. They have scored just 5 goals and conceded a phenomenal 56.

"I am very disappointed by the response of the players this season. We have a new coach, a new home pitch and the prospects for the club looked good" said club captain, Stephen Swann.

"We are only just fulfilling our fixtures at the 3rd XI level - and that is by players 'doubling-up' each week. We are in violation of the team registrations, although we are still losing so I shouldn't think that will matter too much" he continued.

The apathy within the club has become evident at the Executive Committee meetings of the club, were a quorum can only just be met each month. Those present have already taken on multiple duties.

Should a General meeting be called, 14 days notice will be given in accordance with the club's constitution. A decision, one way or the other, will be taken mid-November.