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    Features - 04/01/2008

    By Kriss Leslie

    Thoughts on 2007

    As we all know 2007 wasn’t a great year for the 1stXI. In the current season we have only recorded a win and a draw, both against Larne, and there have only been a few other matches in which we have been competitive enough to almost get or deserve a result. At the moment, after the end of 2007, we currently sit second from bottom on just 4 points. However, as a new year begins I hope that we all reflect upon the current state of the club in terms of its performances on the field.

    I personally have been doing just that over the festive period. Whilst thinking about it I have further realised that there is the basis for a competitive 1stXI at East Antrim. Looking at all the players we have at the club there is definitely enough talent to test many of the Senior 2 sides. At the end of the day, this is Senior 2 hockey, not Premier League hockey, and any team with some sort of talent within its ranks should be able challenge anybody within the league. But in order for this to be achieved, this talent, no matter how much of it there is, must work together and play in a spirit which says "I WANT SOMETHING OUT OF THIS GAME!".

    Moreover, there is a sufficient amount of intelligence within the club at the moment (believe it or not!) to play to a formation or to do things on the field which we may talk about before, during or after the game. Too often we don’t use that thing between our ears enough, and instead of actively thinking about the kind of things we are looking to do, be it on or off the pitch, we let things pass in one ear and out the other. By actually considering, and preferably putting into practice, certain elements of the game which we may talk about at training or on a Saturday we will make improvements and will begin to compete. We don’t talk about things concerning our performance for no reason, it is an attempt to iron out any faults in our play. And if this is done successfully we will definitely compete, as the less faults we make the harder teams will find it to break us down. But remember, we must attend training, no matter how cold or wet it is, to correct such faults.

    Overall, these simple things of playing as if we really want something out of our matches, and the correct application of our brain to apply the SIMPLE tactics we talk about will bring success. The question is, however, DO YOU WANT SUCCESS? I know for a fact that we all do, as it is for that reason that we are disappointed with ourselves every time we fail to perform. But now that a new year has began, I want each and every player to show that they want something from every game they play, and that they are trying to do the things which will enable us to play to our full potential. We have enough talent, LET’S PUT IT INTO PRACTICE!