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Portrush v Eastantrim 19.09.09

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News - 18/08/2009

By Kriss Leslie

Friendly Vs Larne 24/08/2009

Venue and time yet to be confirmed. Iíll let you all know within the next few days the final details.

Chris Blaney - confirmed
Peter Farr - confirmed
Kriss Leslie - confirmed
Eoin Lawell -
David Blair - confirmed
Graeme Reid - unavailable
Daniel Hume - confirmed
Andrew Blair - confirmed
Mark McKenna - unavailable
Michael McKenna - confirmed
Leon Currie - confirmed
Ronnie McDowell - unavailable
Stevie Cummins - confirmed
Johnny Orr - confirmed
Alan Russell - confirmed
Thom Russell - confirmed
Kris Stewart -
Mark Johnston -
Mark Bailie - confirmed
Alan Burgess -
Colin Steele - confirmed

If you are not yet confirmed on this list, or are indeed not on it, please let me know ASAP if you can play or not.

Thanks, Kriss (07834456122)

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