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News - 03/03/2001

By Stephen Swann

2000-2001 Awards...

Willie Irvine Trophy

Paul Reid became the youngest ever winner of the Willie Irvine Trophy - a Trophy presented to the club on the death of one of the club's favourite players. The trophy is awarded to the player which the committee believe has given the club outstanding service both on and off the pitch.

Player of the Year

Scott Higginson (pictured right) wins the 1st XI Player of the Year and the overall Club Player of the Year award for the second time. According to 1st XI captain, Alan Murphy, no-one else came close to challenging 'Rambo' for the award.

2nd XI Player of the Year

Stephen Swann (on crutches) receives his 2nd XI Player of the Year award FROM captain, Stuart Campbell - he assured the committee it wasn't a sympathy vote.

Young Player of the Year

Paul Grant also received his trophy FROM Stuart Campbell. A lengthy debate took place regarding what constituted 'young', but it was recognised that Paul Grant has been the outstanding 'young' player for the season.

Most Improved Player of the Year

Paul Fraser made the jump FROM 2nd XI to 1st XI this season, fulfilling a wide range of positions - even goalkeeper. He surprised some on the 1st XI with his ability, although no-one on the 2nd XI was surprised at how Paul settled INTO the top flight.

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