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News - 30/04/2002

By Ivan McStea

Positive news FROM Stuart Wallace...

Sally and I called up to see Stuart tonight. Peter will be home next week and will be glad to go visit him.

Stuart went to Glasgow two weekends ago to take part in games for disabled people as part of a six strong team FROM
Northern Ireland. They flew over with a number of carers and stayed in a hotel with other competitors. Late nights
and early mornings made it a strenuous exercise but they had a great time. As for competition, Stuart had early
success in TABLE tennis and bowls before losing out to stronger opponents. He was told that his TABLE tennis style
was too gentle - he needs to use his killer instinct to defeat his opponents.

He also competed in the swimming pool, where his aim was to complete the one length in competition. This he achieved,
though he admits he thought on one or two occasions that he might drown. The backstroke started in the pool with the
competitors kicking off FROM the end. Stuart was pleased with the push-off he achieved, but found it hard to maintain
a steady kick. He also tried other sports, including wheelchair rugby.

Stuart is finishing off in Joss Cardwell Centre this week. His walking, with an aid, is such that the centre has
decided that he can now take over, practising to bring up his strength and stamina. He will pay less frequent visits
in future. Speaking of the future, Stuart is considering whether to apply for a place in a Belfast Institute course.
He is also thinking of a car to aid mobility.

So, a number of new horizons are in view, but great effort and determination will be needed. Stuart was interested
to hear about the club's AGM. I told him that he'd been elected one of the vice-presidents, but not to worry, all he
has to do is send money. Hopefully in the not too distant future he'll be able to player a fuller role in the club.

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