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News - 31/03/2002

By The Webmaster

The Summer Months...

An article detailing the joys of summer.

As a young single man, I used to love the winter months. Hockey matches every Saturday, sometimes 2 or 3 games; training every Tuesday and Thursday; committee meetings once a month.

The summer months were a time for reflection of the season just past, and anticipation of the season about to start. Times have changed...

A mental picture of "cartoon dotted lines" connecting my wife's eyes, the lawnmower and the garden when the sun is blazing ensures that my Saturday afternoons are almost destroyed. The clippers, pruners, boxes of miracle-grow, boxes of weed-killer, plant pots and hoses is enough to fill the weekends of any home-owner - especially when that home-owner has their own personal "whip".

It's the end of March and the first cut of the grass has just been completed... under protest! Thoughts of the hockey pitch and better days ahead were upper-most in my mind. I even started to understand theattraction of cricket!

So, what's the point of this rambling?

Simple... those fortunate enough to be single, living with their parents and nobody to tell them what they can and can't do should endeavour to make best use of this valuable time.

There are many summer tournaments available - some of you are already seasoned tournament players! Make sure that, while you can, you take advantage of them. North Down, Portrush, Parkview and Mossley all have mixed tournaments organised. The Bangor and Antrim Sixes tournaments are also important dates that should be put in the calendar.

DO NOT WAIT TO BE ASKED!!! If you are interested in taking part in any of the tournaments, speak to any of the current crop of attendees or email - tournaments@eastantrim.co.uk.

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