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News - 21/10/2002

By Various

Congratulatory Notes...

Congratulations to all concerned who organised the recent Celebrations! Great Job!

Special congratulations to Jim and Stephen on presentation of "Short Corners, Long Memories" - interesting reading.

The Alexanders


I had a look over the photo's of Saturday - excellent! I hope there are more to put on the site. Anyway, thank the committee for a well organised year. You all deserve a rest.

Bill Gowdy


Pleased to know you had a great celebration, despite the sore heads!

Enjoyed looking at all the names in the various sections of the club history - a lot of work there. Some of the episodes with A. Hayes and Dublin trips by the team are probably better not repeated, but bear with me for one incident.

One of our players who was not known to imbibe got too much and could not be found. He had left the party early, was missing FROM his bed. After an early morning search he was found asleep in the wardrobe in his room, next to where "The Owls" were on the same floor and they were not amused by the noise. Our friend refused to come out of the cupboard and slept there all night. He had an erratic game on Saturday.

Dick Harkness (New Zealand)

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