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News - 08/10/2002

By Alan Burgess

Martin Sloan Coaching Session

Monday night training saw the latest installment in our "living legends" coaching sessions. Marty Sloan came along after watching the 1st XI on Saturday against Ballynahinch. This was a great benefit as Marty was able to point out were we went wrong and remarkably pointed out three positive points FROM the game.

Marty started out by showing us how to retain pocession and to be confident to hold onto the ball rather than just thumping it up the pitch. He showed the defence how to play the ball around the back while also moving up the pitch.

We then moved on to tackle boxes as Marty felt that Paul Reid really needed to learn how to tackle properly, a lot of people were dumped on their backsides but i am sure that all those who were put INTO the tackle box will have improved.

The next exercises were the ones that Marty wanted to concentrate on the most, the 2 on 1 scenario. He taught us how to create a 2 on 1, how to draw the defender in, when and how to make the pass. He developed this INTO 3 on 2 and after a shaky start the boys actually started to make it look easy.

The session was greatly enjoyed by all and improvements could be seen as the session went on. I would like to thank Marty on behalf of all the players for his time, we really appreciated it and hope to take what we have learned onto the pitch on a Saturday.

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