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Jonathan Ervine

Another BRA alumni. I played for East from 1988 to 1996 - although from 1993 I spent my time at Nottingham University as well (so less time spent in the green shirt). For those who remember me, I was the short guy normally found wandering the left or right wing.
After uni, I spent one season at Mossley before decamping for good across the water and played for Edgbaston Hockey Club for 5 seasons. I've now moved further south and can be found playing (and captaining this year) for Wokingham Hockey Club 2nd XI. As it turns out I'm a better defender than I ever was as a forward - although I still get the rush of blood to the head to have a mad dash up the pitch every so often.
Outside of hockey I work for an American software company, play some tennis, and am running the New York marathon this year (I hope)

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