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Stephen Swann - sponsored by Bookie Beater

Club Position : Vice-President

A serious knee injury in 1997 put a virtual halt to 1st XI activity - ultimately ensuring that the captaincy of the 1sts had to be passed on to the "next generation". A switch to a stress-free life on the 2nds in the front-line coincided with the "goalden" touch.

The knee operation has taken place, though the weight did go on during the wait...

Over 200 games for the 1st XI, 78 as Captain & 77 as Vice-Captain .

Club Roles
1991/1992 3rd XI Captain
1992/1993 2nd XI Vice-Captain
1993/1994 1st XI Vice-Captain / Honorary Secretary
1994/1995 1st XI Vice-Captain / Honorary Secretary
1995/1996 1st XI Vice-Captain / Honorary Secretary
1996/1997 1st XI Captain / Press Officer
1997/1998 1st XI Captain / Press Officer
1998/1999 1st XI Captain / Honorary Secretary / Press Officer
1999/2000 1st XI Captain / Honorary Treasurer / Press Officer
2000/2001 Honorary Treasurer / Press Officer
2001/2002 Honorary Treasurer / Press Officer
2002/2003 Honorary Treasurer / Press Officer
2003/2004 2nd XI Captain / Honorary Treasurer / Press Officer
2004/2005 Press Officer
2005/2006 Chairman/Press Officer
2006/2007 Press Officer

Career Honours:
1988-89 B.R.A. - Major Colours
1992-93 EAHC - Most Improved Player
1998-99 EAHC - Willie Irvine Trophy
2000-01 EAHC - 2nd XI Player of the Year
2002-03 EAHC - Willie Irvine Trophy (jointly with Centenary Committee)

Not a great trophy haul to be honest... the BRA Major Colours has only been added to ensure the list can actually be called a "list".

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The Bookie Beater offers trading decisions for the gambling markets. The Bookie Beater is proud to sponsor the East Antrim Hockey Club webmaster - Stephen Swann.

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