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Match Report

Match Details

Match : 3rd XI v N.I.C.S. 6ths
Date : 2001-11-24
Venue : A
Score : 3-2
Scorers : Jonson(2), Menaul

Match Report

By 3rd XI Captain

I am afraid that this is likely to be a fairly short report this week. Do I hear cries of "that'll make a welcome change". We arrived a Service with 14 players and an Umpire, an achievement that will not be repeated many times this year I'm sure.

Of course we were not to have the benefit of playing on the Astro, but from the start the team looked like it was going to make an impression. Ivan, back from a foray into deepest USA, looked brown and sprightly and dominated the centre midfield in his inimitable way. The right proved fruitful once again and a series of sensible short passes up that side and a super cross into the D gave Neil an opportunity that he took without hesitation. There were a number of unsuccessful attempts to increase the lead and Eddie was unfortunate to scoop another excellent right cross over the bar. Service were not to be disheartened and came back on a number of occasions but were thwarted by some excellent defending. The back row of Paul Ireland (should be getting a run out for the 2nds) Peter Torrens sweeping (now better protected by Gary's glove) and Dinger Bell worked hard to keep them at bay. Eventually the inevitable happened at they broke through an scored a cracking goal into the top left hand corner (I only missed it by an inch).

The second half followed generally the same pattern as the first with play fairly evenly distributed between the teams. Short corners were also gained on an equal basis but neither team was able to take advantage, The midfield was managing to hold their own and Gerard Mahoney was able to keep his man on a tight leash. Unfortunately Service finally managed to capitalise and scored with a well-struck ball from a perfect stop and push move. I take the blame for not having it better covered. East were not to be disheartened and with the arrival of Tom Watson on the right wing relieving an ailing Paul Frazer we settled down once again to work the ball up the wing and into the centre. Neil had taken a break and this was obviously "a good thing" (do you think he looks like W-the-P) as once again he converted a timely cross into a timely goal.

It looked very much as though honours would be shared but shortly before the whistle a foray up the middle left Davey Menaul in the perfect position to put East ahead. All attempts by Service to break through were foiled although there were a few heart stopping moments.

Another enjoyable game in which there was very little niggle. My thanks to Rambo for umpiring and managing to keep his cards in his pocket.

Team Lineup

M Jackson
P Torrens
P Ireland
A Bell
P Leitch
G Mahoney
N Johnston
I McStea
E Baird
P Frazer
D Menaul
G Gillespie
S Nichol
T Watson

Man Of The Match

Neil Johnson