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Match Report

Match Details

Match : 1st XI v Ballymena
Date : 2007-01-20
Venue : A
Score : 0-0 (3-2)
Scorers : Dinger, Robin, Rambo

Match Report

By George Tumilson

Sorry for the late match report again I just don’t get time to write up our glorious victories anymore.

East were hit with a bomb on the eve of our cup match, a phone call to myself from the 2ndXI captain informed me that 5 confirmed players would not be able to play the match as they had intended as they had school hockey commitments. This took us down to a squad of only 9 players, luckily Robin Smyth was feeling fit and up for a challenge and I wasn’t suffering to bad with my hamstring injury so we both made up the numbers.

Still travelling away to a team that has already beaten us 6-1 in the league. With only 11 men, it seemed almost pointless playing especially considering that 3 of the team were carrying injuries. Ballymena started the game well but so did we staying tight and repelling the Ballymena attacks well. There isn’t much I can really say bout the match other than it was end to end stuff the whole way through normal time and extra time. When on defensive duties every player was strong in their tackles and accurate with their hitting. The first player I want to mention is Pablo as his experience and class kept us in the game on more than 1 occasion. The back four consisted of Rambo, brave in every tackle, Graeme, the rock… what more needs said, Thom, the flat stick that repelled every attack on are left flank and Robin, very much leading the way from the back line winning hard tackles and never giving up on a ball.

The midfield engine was run by Leon, Dinger and Stevie. Together they worked as a well drilled unit and individually they showed pace and skill. Leon showed his experience on the right winning many frees and helping drive the team forward. With Stevie on the left we had speed and endurance. With Dinger in the middle of the park we had the heart of the team working hard all over the pitch helping the forwards attack and helping the defence repel every attack.

Up front consisted of Kris Stewart, a player who only recently joined the club and rose well above himself on the day, Phil Brown, the veteran of the forward line who showed speed and 1handed ability on every attack, and Myself, an injured player just there to try his best.


Penalty flicks are always good crack at training but when it comes to match day, having to step up and take one can be quite a daunting task. I know any player on the day would have gladly taken a penalty but I am grateful to those that did step up.

Ballymena were first to the flick spot and a good save from Pablo saw us with a chance of going one up on are first flick. Unfortunately the pressure was too much for this captain and a soft flick saw us loose the chance of that lead.

They scored their next flick. A cool and calm vice captain took our 2nd flick and Dinger saw us level again with an accurate flick to the keepers left.

They scored their next flick. Once again we were trailing and next up to the spot was veteran Leon Currie. Unfortunately, just as it had happened to Beckham, the ground must have moved under Leon as his flick rolled straight to the keeper’s feet. They were 2-1 up and I was beginning to worry.

Pablo in his usual brilliance provided a low save to his right to see off the Ballymena flick. We were back in the game. Next up was Robin to set things level and having already had a brilliant game everyone expected him to score and he did not disappoint. All level with one flick left each.

First to step up was the Ballymena player but against a keeper with Pablo’s experience he was never going to score. He let the pressure get to him and didnt even hit the target, over the bar the ball went. A chance to a win a game for your team in a penalty flick competition with the last flick is a lot of pressure on any player. I’ve never seen a player so calmly step up to take a flick with the game on his shoulders. Rambo…sorry Sir Rambo showed the coolness of an iceberg as he took his flick, low and hard beat the Ballymena keeper wining us the game and progressing us to the next round of the competition. I hope I’ve done the game and those that played in it justice in this report.

Well done everyone.

Team Lineup

Man Of The Match

Robin, Rambo, Pablo. They all deserve it.