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Match Report

Match Details

Match : 1st XI v Larne
Date : 2006-12-09
Venue : H
Score : 2-0
Scorers : Mark McKenna (2)

Match Report

By George Tumilson

East Antrim started this match with good determination and hopes of a win against Larne as we had narrowly been defeated last season by them 3-2.

With such a large squad I knew that East would have the advantage as Larne had unfortunately only managed to produce the eleven men required. East started the game a bit uneasy due to the loss of a few key players but all doubts were soon washed away as the younger players that had moved into the squad began to shine. Kriss Leslie and David Blair were inspirational in midfield and with the help of the old hand in the centre of the park I believe that they will go on to be very competent 1stXI midfielders. Enough praise for now onto the action.

As said before we started the game uneasy but once settled East always looked like the team that was going to take the win. Good passing and good movement lead to East winning a short corner, which, was almost expertly taken with the Larne keeper pulling of an excellent save but with Mark McKenna’s quick feet and thinking and with an excellent rebound he gave East the lead.

The 2nd goal for East came from open play which was good to see as I don’t believe we have scored many goals from open play this season. Phil (the speed demon) Brown was landed with the ball in front of the Larne goal and a smart pass to Mark McKenna saw East and Marks 2nd goal of the match

Unfortunately just before half time a Larne man by the name of John Higginson took a bad knee injury and an ambulance had to be called for the player from Larne. Reduced to 9 men as John’s brother had to travel to the hospital with him the side were forced to abandon the match. It is not an enjoyable way to win a match but I believe another 35 minutes would have just seen East increase there lead. I just want to say that I wish John a speedy recovery and hope to see him playing again when we next meet Larne.

Other chances for east included an attempt on goal by Phil brown, a David Caldwell flick and an unfortunate miss placed square ball that only found a well placed Larne defender.

I hope to see a good turn out at training this week as I believe it can only lead to better performances and more points on the bored.

A finally apology to those players that unfortunately did not get a run out as the game was called of early.

Well played everyone.

Team Lineup

Man Of The Match

Mark McKenna