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Match Report

Match Details

Match : 3rd XI v Annadale 6ths
Date : 2004-11-05
Venue : A
Score : 1-0
Scorers : Michael Mckenna

Match Report

By Michael Mckenna

In this my third season with the club it is a bit disappointing to have never notched up a win while playing for the third eleven. But that has all changed!!

Getting to the match was hard enough, due to transportation problems. And knowing that you are heading to club which at the minute are the best club in Ulster with only 10 players it was a daunting task.

But on arrival at Loughmoss things got worse hearing that a player cried off due to illness heading on to the pitch with nine players seemed a waste off time. But a rare East Antrim supporter was seen in the crowd, his name was Gareth Cash. And not only did he make up the numbers but he was useful as well!

But finally some good news. Annadale were heading on to the pitch with only ten players and a first time goalie! But he was no match for our rookie goal keeper Mark McKenna who thwarted every Annadale attack. The defence of Dinger, tom, George and Robyn was superb, nothing got through.
Andrew Blair was awesome in midfield, when he got the ball he took on the whole dale team and won!! A bit greedy but effective. Ben Martin was a revelation on the right flank. Marc Ervin was great in a defensive midfield role. With one striker up front (me) things didn’t seem good for attack but with Andy Blair and Ben Martin supporting every time the 3s made the best of the chances in the first half and could have been at least two up!

But things changed at half time Annadle realised this was a team last year that they had beaten 7-0. For 3/4 of the second Dale had short corner after short corner but finished none!! Some dodgy umpiring decisions had frustrated us but we held on. With twelve and a half minutes left we thought this match was there to be won! Andy Blair kept running the ball out of the back after the defence had cleared the danger when he finally released me with an early through ball the game was won.

A powerful shot passed the keeper in to his near corner rapped up the game. There keeper for a first time appearance was excellent, blocking numerous attempts from Andy Blair. We deserved our victory, with every man on the team giving 200%. There will be a few tired legs tomorrow!

Team Lineup

Mark Mckenna
Michael Mckenna (captain)
A Bell
A Blair
B Martin
G Tumilson
T Russell
R Smyth
G Cash
M Ervin

Man Of The Match

The Team!!