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Youth News - 17/09/2003

By Michael Mckenna

Tom Russell Interview...

michaelmckenna: position?
ThomRussell: defender

michaelmckenna: where would you like to play?
ThomRussell: Well I would like to play defence but not sweeper cause I can't hit the ball lol

michaelmckenna: Who in the club do you see as a role model?
ThomRussell: Soupy I suppose cause he coached me really.

michaelmckenna: What are you hopes for the season ahead?
ThomRussell: To have fun and to win.

michaelmckenna: What do you think of the youth setup within the
ThomRussell: I like it alot really it's all good craic and I think there
are some very talented individuals lol

michaelmckenna: thanks for the compliament
ThomRussell: lol
ThomRussell: no shweat

michaelmckenna: What team do you hope to be on this year?
ThomRussell: I don't really mind but I wouldn't mind the seconds. The thirds will be good too though.

michaelmckenna: thanks for your time

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