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EAHC Gaming


The game works like this...

Guess the scoreline of each soccer match in the competition and score points on your accuracy as such:

  • 1pt - Predict home score correctly
  • 1pt - Predict away score correctly
  • 1pt - Predict the result correctly (ie. home win, away win, draw - regardless of scoreline)
  • 2 bonus points - get the home and away score correct

    You can change your prediction right up to the start of the match...

    For rugby matches, the scoring system will be:
  • 10pts : Predict the correct W-D-L result
  • 10pts : Predict the correct home score
  • 10pts - x : Prediction of the home score is wrong by x pts
  • 10pts : Predict the correct away score
  • 10pts - x : Prediction of the away score is wrong by x pts