About Us

Madigan Solutions is a consultancy firm specialising in Identity & Access Management technologies. Our aim is to provide a world class level of consultancy and delivery for organisations taking control of access to their systems.

We constantly keep abreast of IAM technology and changes in regulatory and business requirements in order to provide a simplified, repeatable suite of change programmes that enable organisations to easily manage systems access.

The Team


We have a combined 120+ years of IT solution delivery in the Identity and Access Management space across a wide range of verticals including Government Agencies, Financial Services (banking & insurance), Regulated Environments, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Oil & Gas.

The team provides a mix of pure technical experience focused on Identity and Access Management, but also a breadth of knowledge encompassing other enterprise technologies. The team also have experience in Business Management & Operations, Project Management, Business Process Analysis and Software Testing.

The Name & Logo Story

Interested in why Madigan as a name? Interested in why the grey, white and gold pentagons in the logo?

The Name & Logo Story

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